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As one of the most popular drinks, embedded in so many of our daily routines, it has been said that coffee makes the modern world go round. But as consumers, we tend to take it for granted.

Increasingly discerning consumers understand that taste is the most important
quality variable in coffee. Taste is the greatest value driver and differentiator, yet
it is very difficult to measure and manage across the value chain.

Empowering the Value chain

Until now, the industry has relied on age-old processes to determine quality using the sensory
prowess of expert taste testers (cuppers) who roast and assess the characteristics of a cup made
from a particular sample of green coffee. This manual process is costly, exclusive, time-consuming,
and somewhat subjective, meaning there is no aggregate data available on quality.
The Farmer

Today’s coffee farmers are blind when it comes to understanding their crop quality. They are entirely dependent on the buyers for an assessment of their own produce.

Demetria empowers farmers with simple diagnostic tools connected to their smartphones which analyze the taste profile of their coffee beans and manage their farm processes. The ability for farmers to optimize and assess the quality of their crop significantly contributes to the industry’s sustainability.

The Cooperatives

Cooperatives that previously lacked access to Q grading professionals and equipment can now use Demetria’s technology to assess the quality of coffee they are purchasing, generating a more transparent and fairer price for the farmer.

The Trader

For local millers, exporters, or importers, every time the coffee sack changes hands, it typically goes through a Q grading process.

This process is expensive, exclusive, time-consuming and sometimes subjective. Prospecting for the right coffee profile to give consumers the same taste experience in every cup can be complicated and tedious. The Demetria Cloud notifies traders when the exact profile they require has been found.

The Roaster

If cupping is an art, then roasting is a science.

Roasters need to blend different types of coffee beans each roasted with unique recipes in order to maintain the quality and flavor that consumers expect. Demetria provides roasters with the tools to integrate value chain quality management, delivering complete transparency of coffee quality.

Our Technology

The Coffee industry relies on analog standards in a digital world

At Demetria we are spearheading the industry Transformation

Developing the world’s first quality and traceability data cloud by codifying and measuring the sensory fingerprint of coffee, for the first time. Using portable state-of-the-art sensors that are connected to Demetria´s quality and
traceability data cloud, anyone anywhere can detect the sensory (i.e. taste) characteristics of coffee.

Expert Founding Team

A unique combination of seasoned experts with high tech company expertise and a wealth of
coffee industry know-how and know-who resulting from 100 years of amassed experience.

Felipe Ayerbe

Co-Founder and CEO

Eduardo Shoval

Co-Founder and Executive Chairman

Yori Nelken

Co-Founder and CTO

Salomon Kassin T

Co-Founder and Executive Board

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